Ktchn Apothecary – The New Fresh Skincare


Mmmmmm fresh-made skincare you say?? That will get my attention every time! And that’s exactly what Ktchn Apothecary did.

Founded by Kevin Lesser, Ktchn Apothecary began by simply wondering what ingredients really comprise our skincare regimen? Per the Ktchn Apothecary website, standard skincare is made with up to 75% synthetics for shelf life – not for the good of your skin! Due to my own sensitive skin (and body…), natural skincare is something I’ve begun to delve into the last year, creating my own various home recipes. While I LOVE this method of delivering freshness to my skin, it did take some time, research and experimentation to discover what really works. These exact factors can easily make it intimidating to someone jumping into fresh skincare for the first time! Unless you or a loved one has a health issue that propels you into the natural world, we’re all so used to brand names and convenience that cooking your facial moisturizer isn’t likely to top your priority list.

That’s where Ktchen Apothecary comes in. The company aims to bring you a convenient, quick and user friendly method of delivering hassle-free freshness to your skin that you make fresh at home. MAKE. FRESH! Who does this? A skincare company that allows you to do such a thing…..yourself?? I had to find out.

I tried their Revitalizing Facial Cream which gets delivered to you in the most adorable packaging comprised of such fresh ingredients as a special blend of facial oil that smells like delicious essential oil, pure aloe, beeswax, oats (my fav <3) and a precious reusable beaker and whisk for mixing!

Through a combination of mixing the ingredients and cooking some in hot water on the stove, you have fresh facial cream in about 10 minutes that lasts you approx. 60 days. The texture is creamy and smooth, very hydrating. I keep mine in the fridge since summer is bringing the heat fierce in my house and it’s incredibly refreshing when I apply it to my face and neck.


When I began this process, I was having what I would call your general “life breakout” (ya know – work stress, occasional unavoidable lack of sleep, period starting soon, perhaps a gluten free Sidecar Donut that I shouldn’t have encountered…all the usual suspects…) but I applied my facial cream morning and night for 10 days and had fantastic results. The natural ingredients agreed beautifully with my skin and I plan on using my cream for the entire 60 day life span until it’s gone.

I had SO much fun following the super easy instructions and cooking up my own beautiful product. I felt like a real chemist! Not only did I have a physical connection to a product I created, but I knew exactly what ingredients were in it. No fillers, no preservatives. Just fresh, legit skincare. The biggest takeaway I have from this experience is that the process was so  e a s y! If you’re intimidated by the research that goes into fresh skincare, haven’t even heard of such a thing as fresh skincare, or simply don’t have the time for any of this, I recommend you give Ktchn Apothecary a try. Not only will you love the product but you’ll have the most fabulous time mixing up your own concoction in no time. Truly the most convenient foray into fresh, homemade skincare.

Let me know what your favorite skincare items or ingredients are?! xoxo

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#FreshStartFive Natural Skincare Challenge with Little Green Dot

Honey Cleanser, Apple Cider Vinegar Toner & Sunflower Oil Moisturizer

Little Green Dot is my new recent fav discovery from Instagram. It’s run by natural skincare maven Militza Maury who crafts natural skincare recipes as an alternative to standard cleansers and lotions with questionable or toxic ingredients.

As an introduction to DIY skincare, Little Green Dot just launched the fabulous five day, email-guided #FreshStartFive challenge. The challenge was based around an A.M./P.M. routine of Honey Cleanser, Apple Toner and Oil Moisturizer that you prep at the beginning of the week. The most exciting part? Each day I received a new email in my inbox incorporating a different recipe to the routine!


Day 1: Honey cleanser
The first step in the A.M./P.M. routine was to cleanse. I will admit rubbing honey on my face was suuuuuuper funny. I’d never done it before… But it smelled so nice and I rubbed it on my lips and was def snacking while cleansing! After finishing the A.M. routine, my skin immediately felt so clean, fresh, and most importantly, not irritated!


Day 2: Glow Scrub

The recipe for step 1 of Day 2’s P.M. routine was so delish I almost ate it before I put it on my face! Honey, oat flour, rice flour and sunflower oil produce the perfect scrub texture. I went ahead and scrubbed my décolletage and back of hands too.


Day 3: Soothing Oat Cleanser & Mask

We’re on an oat roll! And for good reason since oats are so calming to the skin. Day 2 was an oat scrub but Day 3’s P.M. routine mask called for oats mixed with water, adding honey to make a leave-on mask consistency. Yup, basically oatmeal with honey for your face! I personally know how helpful oats can be. For years I’ve dealt with eczema and keratosis pilaris and used Aveeno Active Naturals Oat Body Wash to soothe and soften, so I showered with the extra from this mask and it was so much better with fresh, natural ingredients.


Day 4: Fresh Start Check In!

We’re nearing the end of the challenge and Day 4 was a day of taking stock. The A.M. and P.M. routines were the same as the first day: Honey Cleanser, Apple Toner and Glow Oil. But today, Little Green Dot encouraged research into natural beauty brands from around the world and compiled a FAB list to delve into. After all, ingredients and company message make a big difference in how your skin feels and where you choose to spend your $$, amiright?? As I’ve mentioned before, I have extremely sensitive skin, especially on my face. Searching for natural makeup and skincare brands has been on my radar for quite some time. I’ve recently been using products from two natural skincare lines I really like –  Ilia and Kahina Giving Beauty. The products are just lovely and have caused no irritation! Check out my recent blog post on which products I’ve been using and what I recommend.


Day 5: Shower Workout Body Scrub

This delicious, muddy concoction is a body scrub. For the final day of the challenge, we’re taking it below the neck! This scrub is made of coconut oil, brown sugar and coffee (I may have added too much coconut oil – wait, there’s no such thing!). The active ingredient is coffee which activates the tinglies when applied to your body. Little Green Dot brings everything together by highlighting the importance of movement in life, even in your skin care routine! Little circular motions scrubbing your body gets the blood flowing and is great for circulation. In the shower this morning, the bathroom instantly smelled like a coffee shop while the pooling water at my feet legit became a cup of coffee … #indulgent


#FreshStartFive Done!

I’m a fan! This challenge has been really enlightening. Having an A.M./P.M. routine for the week was a great intro to natural skincare. I truly feel that the base routine (honey cleanser, #acv toner, sunflower oil moisturizer) was as good OR BETTER THAN my standard beauty/cleansing products that I’ve been using. It was much less expensive and really didn’t take much time to prep. Especially after having the base routine prepped at the beginning of the week. The skin is the largest organ in the body so you’ll see benefits from head to toe by using more natural recipes. Instead of running to the store the next time you run out of body wash or face cleanser, consider peeking into your cupboard and creating a yummy, fresh and natural recipe!


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Purity On Your Face – Ilia & Kahina

Ilia & Kahina Skincare Lines

I wanted to share an exciting skincare discovery. I have extremely sensitive skin, especially on my face which is really easily irritated by makeup, lotions or cleansers with heavy chemicals and unnatural ingredients. Over the years I’ve used (and loved) MAC, Clinique, Benefit and Origins liquid face foundations and bronzers until each one developed reactions with my face skin. Similarly, my cleanser, toner, and moisturizer game has not been on point… I felt for months my skin was missing the oomph and glow it had – even recently.

The past 2 years have been a journey to rid my body and daily routine of chemically altered, corporately owned product lines with mysterious origins and practices and replace them with natural products. After trying many natural skincare contenders, I have found a routine that I am in love with!

The Ilia and Kahina – Giving Beauty skincare lines have really revitalized my skin. Each are completely natural lines that focus on purity for the skin. Kahina – Giving Beauty specializes in argan oil and rhassoul clay from traditional Moroccan skincare recipes while Ilia touts certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.


After cleansing, my daily routine is as follows:

  1. Kahina – Giving Beauty toning mist is the start. The aloe vera based mist cools and adheres to skin so it can completely absorb, and it does. It feels so refreshing and dries within a minute, which I then follow with my SPF moisturizer.
  2. Ilia Vivid Foundation – blend as base. Because this product is all natural, it lacks the binders/hardeners/drying agents we’re used to in traditional liquid foundation so the trick is to use a layer of Ilia Setting Powder with a fan brush. P E R F E C T I O N!
  3. Ilia Bronzer – final step! This loose powder has a rich, natural glow. Very attractive earthy tones that warm your face right up.

This coverage is so full that I often don’t even use under-eye concealer. And best of all, no skin reactions!

I’ve been using these products for about 6 weeks and I feel like my skin is recovering! Below are a couple shots in different lighting that show the coverage and skin quality.  I’m definitely a fan and will keep you posted on future products.

Do you use any natural skincare products? I’d love to know about them! Let me know below or @BlakeVmedia on all social media.




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